Client Testimonials

John Melville
I was so pleased to see you all. You are the best group to come to the Station.  I just feel relaxed and have no worries when you are here. I can go in the camper and either read of drop off and know I’ll have no problems. I know the place is going to be cleaner and tidier when you have left than when it was you came in. You know I like to let you loose and do your own thing without me butting in, you take your hobby seriously and go about it in a very professional manner, I like that, I do and admire the lot of you for the way you carry it out
John Jack
The GPI team have spent many overnight investigations in Castle Menzies and have always been very considerate, sensitive and trustworthy when in the building. I have no hesitation in allowing them access in the future and wish them well in all their investigations
Jonathan Toy
Private Location
The GPI came to my house in the winter of last year to rid of some other worldly beings.  We had been experiencing all the textbook phenomenon; pictures falling off the wall, footsteps, breathing, thing falling over, ghostly images and the like.   The second the team stepped into the house, the ghosts went crazy,running up and down the stairs, knocking, touching etc. However the team proved themselves to be world class investigators and rid us of the demons!