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GPI approaches each investigation with the utmost respect and professionalism, utilising science, theory and skepticism to analyse evidence obtained.

So, with all the serious ‘stuff’ out of the way, we at GPI would like to tell you a bit more about who we are and what we’re all about.
On a dark and stormy night on Friday 13th June 2008, no wait, that’s another story completely. Wait, Scotland can lean towards the dark and sometimes stormy so in all fairness it may well have been part of our story…
One Scottish day in 2008, a group of four strangers gathered for an in-person meet up. Having initially met on a local online site for people interested in discussing and exploring the paranormal, these four future investigators (James, Billy, Kim and Lisa) met each other for the first time – except for Kim and Billy, a married couple. They all seemed to hit it off instantly, connecting not only in their shared interest, but personally as well. It was then the seeds were planted for the Glasgow Paranormal Investigators and shortly afterwards, the team was founded in 2008.
In 2013 the team decided to due to personal reasons they could no longer continue and Glasgow Paranormal Investigators were sadly no more. However, Billy had other ideas and continued helping with events and worked tirelessly in trying to pull the team back together and in 2014 he was successful and the new and improved Glasgow Paranormal Investigations was launched with all four members back doing what they love the most.

The GPI is a group of characters indeed, who love a laugh and the occasional practical joke. James, a skeptic, has been known to jump a few feet in the air many times. Skeptics vs Believers aside, when you’re fumbling about in the absolute pitch darkness, with visibility at zero and someone touches your sleeve, fear knows no belief.
Now over six years on the GPI has grown in knowledge and confidence (and practical jokes). Each member of the team has a pivotal role to play. We feel that encouraging and utilising the strengths of each individual will build a solid team foundation. Our goal is to further the research of paranormal possibility and quite selfishly answer some of our own personal questions. The group is made up of skeptics, believers and those right smack dab in the middle.
From the technical prowess of one member to another member proving to be an EVP magnet, there’s a pick-a-mix of interests and skills, which fuels the team individually and as a group. Our interests in the paranormal differ and meet at some points and because of this the range of research becomes more encompassing.
Science and theory are always evolving, thanks to paranormal research groups and curious individuals all looking to answer a question or a million about what we really are and what exists, if at all, beyond this worn in yet still magical place called Earth. GPI studies old and new theories, environmental and psychological factors as well as utilising the best technical equipment available to us currently. We don’t claim to be able to prove paranormal activity and will not attempt to tell anyone else what to believe. Our opinion of events is formed from gathered, analysed evidence and personal investigative experience.

We’d like to thank you for visiting our site. We encourage you to join us on facebook and twitter to increase communication amongst yourselves and with members of GPI. We can learn from you as well.

– Glasgow Paranormal Investigations