Craigfoot Inn

Investigation Report – 30th of January – 2010

The Craigfoot Inn is located in Milton of Campsie, a small village situated in East Dunbartonshire, roughly 10 miles north of Glasgow. Staff have reported seeing the spirit of a small boy in the cellar and 2 women in the main bar.  Also experienced are disembodied voices calling staff’s names with no human customers to be found.

GPI have investigated this pub before and found chilling EVP (Electrical Voice Phenomena) on Dictaphones and various bumps and bangs in the main bar, whilst all investigators were downstairs in cellar.   GPI investigator/sensitive Lorraine confirmed the spirit of a small boy and also the presence of a nasty individual in the office.  A Dictaphone was left in a small storage cupboard where the small boy has been encountered and the door secured.   On listening back to this, the team are shocked to hear a loud shriek and lots of clicking, as though the Dictaphone was being moved about.  Also, on a vigil in the main bar whilst asking questions, a child’s voice is captured singing what seems to be a nursery rhyme and noises in opposite side of bar.


The team decide to base themselves in the part of the bar where most activity was captured last time and begin a walk round for those members of GPI who missed last investigation there.   The team decide to investigate the cellar area firstly in order to carry out an experiment in EVP.  In brief the EVP global survey (EGS) is an experiment in which a set of standard generalized YES or NO questions are used during the EVP sessions. If you ever played the game 20 question then you understand what this experiment is trying to do. With enough responses collected, we may be able to piece together a representation of the environment and existence factors of the EVP respondent, for example; can you see me, have you lived before, are there others with you etc.

Kim sets up the Dictaphone playing the pre-recorded questions and sets another Dictaphone to capture any responses in the bar.  A child’s toy is also placed on the table as a trigger object  and a night vision camcorder is left recording.   The team leaves the main bar and venture down to the cellar for a vigil.

On a previous investigation, Lorraine felt this is area very oppressive and felt that a murder had taken place here and the murderer was still very much present.  Staff feel very uncomfortable and scared in this area.  The team would like to note however that there is lots noise due and high EMF readings due to cooling systems for the bar above etc.  The temperature is obviously lower due to the cooling systems also.   The team feel these factors may contribute to the oppressive feelings in this area.

The team sit quiet and ask out for any a spirits present, to make their presence known; however with all the noise in this area, it is difficult to hear any responses.  Despite this, the team hear a clear bang in response to questions but cannot isolate where this noise came from.  Kim also feels something move behind her and with further investigation of the area, the team cannot find anything obvious that would have caused this.  James also experiences a bag move behind him.


The team move upstairs to review the Dictaphone and check trigger objects.   The toy has not been moved.  On reviewing the Dictaphone, the team are shocked to hear a chilling response to the question; are you on another plain of existence.  All the team agree that the response is of a small child saying “let me out”.  At this point, the team all hear a loud thud at the other side of the bar.  James asks if this is the small boy and can he move this chair, however there is no further movement.  Following the child’s voice, there seems to be another adult male voice but the team cannot make out what it says.  In response to the question do you require transportation; its sounds like “not today”.  There are also other clicks and bangs during the questions.

The team then decide to try some glass divination in the corner of the bar where an old man has been seen and where the team captured the small boy singing.  Lisa, Kim, Michelle and James ask the little boy to move the glass and agree there is some small movement but nothing conclusive.  Lisa and Michelle are sat next to each other and both feel the area between them very cold.

On checking the temperature, it appears to be colder and Lisa asks if it is the small boy. Michelle also feels something touch her leg and both agree it is as though someone is sitting between them.

James measures EMF between them and it appears to be higher and begins to spike quite significantly.  The team asks if it is the boy and it spikes in response.  The EMF also stops when the team asks it to do so.  At this point, the team feel the atmosphere change and feel it has got darker.   James asks if the man is present and the EMF spikes once more.  Is the boy your son…EMF spikes and continues to do so until James asks it to stop.  James asks did you harm him…EMF spikes and continues to do so once again.  The team all agree that it is as though the small boy is between the girls for protection against the older male presence.   James decides to go back to measure the EMF between the girls and there is very little or no reading.  He also feels very cold.  He measures from in front of him, from his knees to above his head and the EMF continues to give huge readings.  James suggests this is not the height of a small child but possibly an adult.   It continues to spike in response to questions and the team agree that whatever is in the Craigfoot Inn seems to be very unhappy and agree that a clearing is needed.  The team ends the investigation at 4.30am.


The team would like to thank Craigfoot owners and staff for allowing them to carry out the investigation.  On reviewing all evidence since this report, the GPI agree this location has provided some of the best evidence yet in regards to EVP and use of the EMF meter.   The team would like to return and carry out a more in depth investigation but agree that whatever is in the pub seems to be in great distress and feel more psychic work needs to be carried out.