East Drive

Picture One – First photo showing the marbles as trigger objects left out overnight
Picture Two – Early morning the marbles have moved position. What makes this so good is that our sceptic team member checked the marbles in the morning and at that point they had not moved and as he went to go out the door he heard the clink of marbles moving and turned around and walked back too check again and they have moved to the position above. No one else was near the marbles at the time and the team member tried everything to debunk it but could not find any other explanation for it other than possibly being paranormal.
Setting up at East Drive and we are being told about the supposed monk that had been thrown down a well that is located underneath the floor in the living room and at the same time “Lost in Well” appears on the screen of the Alice App.
The team passed through the hallway many times through the night and right through too lunchtime the following day, but as they were going to pack up a cross suddenly appeared from nowhere in the middle of the hallway floor.