Investigation Report – 29th of August – 2009 Cultybraggan lies in the western area of Perthshire, some 2 miles (3 km) south of the village of Comrie.  It is entrance to Glenartney, an ancient Royal deer forest that supplied venison to the Sovereigns of Scotland at Holyrood, Dunfermline and Falkland. Steeped in history and natural beauty, it has been a favourite of many Scottish Royal Houses and Sir Walter Scott immortalized it… Read More

Brodick Castle

Investigation Report – 30th of October – 2009   BACKGROUND Brodick (Scottish Gaelic: Breadhaig) is the second-largest village (after Lamlash) on the Isle of Arran, in the Firth of Clyde, Scotland. It is set on the eastern coast of the island, roughly in the central section. It sits in Brodick Bay below Goat Fell, the tallest mountain on Arran. The name is derived from Norse roots meaning “Broad Bay”.  Features include the… Read More

Craigfoot Inn

Investigation Report – 30th of January – 2010 The Craigfoot Inn is located in Milton of Campsie, a small village situated in East Dunbartonshire, roughly 10 miles north of Glasgow. Staff have reported seeing the spirit of a small boy in the cellar and 2 women in the main bar.  Also experienced are disembodied voices calling staff’s names with no human customers to be found. GPI have investigated this pub before and… Read More

Burns Tavern

Investigation Report – 27th March – 2010 GPI TEAM MEMBERS ANNA BILLY JAMES KIM LISA BACKGROUND The Burns Tavern is located at 210 Merry St, Motherwell. It is a building in two half’s, with the oldest part dating back to 1880 and is currently the Lounge and Off-Sales. However in the past, this was the original bar. The other half is the new part which is the bar and is actually on… Read More

Airth Castle

Investigation Report – 24th of April – 2009 INVESTIGATION TEAM: James Hume, Lisa Maxwell, Lorraine Anderson AREAS INVESTIGATED: ROOM 9 ROOM 21 BRUCE SUITE BAR AREA LADIES  & GENTS TOILETS INVESTIGATION ROOM 9 – TEAM BASE Arriving in location at approx 20.00hrs LORRAINE’S ACCOUNT (Sensitive): Upon entering the room, I begin immediately to sense a feeling of being watched. The space between the room and toilet, I become aware of a man standing with… Read More

Secret Bunker

Report Two Investigation Report – 22nd May – 2010 Team  – Anna, Billy, James, Kim, Lisa & Michelle Background On a previous investigation, the team encountered various interesting examples of EVP, as well as witnessing strange shapes and figures outside on the grounds of the bunker.   Our sensitive, GPI team  member  Lorraine connected with energies present in the bunker that also wished to communicate through her.   On GPI’s previous visit… Read More

RAF Montrose

Report Two Investigation Report – 27th of May – 2010 INVESTIGATION TEAM: Billy, Jackie, James, Kim, Lisa, Lorraine, Ray   AREAS OF INVESTIGATION: Main Museum Home Front 1940s Room Large Hangar Outside Building – team refer to this as the Mannequin Room as it is full of uniformed mannequins and displays cases 2nd Outside Building – with further displays NOTE: The large hanger containing a life size replica of a Sopwith Camel,… Read More

The Arches

Investigation Report – 25th of January – 2011 Team: Anna, Billy, James, Kim, Linda, Lisa, Rebecca and Ruby Manager:  Jules Background The Arches is a bar, arts venue, theatre, live music venue and nightclub in Glasgow, Scotland, which first opened in 1991. It is a not-for-profit organisation. It is situated in the City Centre under Glasgow Central station and the West Coast Main Line in the brick arches of the Viaduct that… Read More

The Famous Grouse

Investigation Report – 23rd of October – 2009 TEAM: BILLY, JAMES, KIM, LINDA, LISA, LORRAINE, MICHELLE STAFF: NATASHA & SIOBHAN   ALLEGED ACTIVITY No recorded activity and GPI are the first paranormal group to investigate the distillery. On a previous visit, team psychic/medium Lorraine, had encountered various energies; in University Room a spirit named Gerry/Gerald, a cleaning lady within staff quarters,  a former worker named Karen in office, and a cat.  On… Read More


Report Two Investigation Report – 27th of November – 2010  Team – Billy, James, Lisa, Michelle, Mickey, Ruby Also present – Staff; Stevie Allan Main Areas of Investigation: Provan Hall House; Kitchen, Dairy, Annexe, Dining Hall, Master Bedroom Blochairn House – Stairwell and Upper room. Background Provan Hall is now in Auchinlea Park, surrounded by the housing estate of Easterhouse, consisting mainly of local authority rented accommodation. But in the second half… Read More