David Livingstone Centre

A few of the investigators while investigating the area above had felt very sick and had too leave, so one team member had asked everyone to leave the room so he could take a photo of the area. You can see what looks like three dark figures were caught on camera.

East Drive

Picture One - First photo showing the marbles as trigger objects left out overnight Picture Two - Early morning the marbles have moved position. What makes this so good is that our sceptic team member checked the marbles in the morning and at that point they had not moved and as he went to go out the door he heard the clink of marbles moving and turned around and walked back too... Read More


Photo taken by a guest investigator when leaving the room. No one was in the room at the time as confirmed by our team member who was standing at the exit waiting on the guest to come out at the time. But you can clearly see a tall figure standing in the doorway. The exact doorway was once guarded to stop anyone entering the staircase behind it. Could this be the spirit... Read More


Team member was walking through the prison block and felt a presence behind him, so one of the team members decided to take a photo and caught what looks like a large shadow separate from the team members