If you are experiencing out of the ordinary noises, voices, visuals, physical touching/pushing, objects moving or disappearing, and you feel you need help, we invite you to contact GPI. Our goal lies not only in researching the possibility of the paranormal, but in providing you with a clearer understanding of what could be occurring at your location.

You should not be afraid and uncomfortable in your own home or place of work. Whether you fear for your personal welfare or simply have a genuine interest in sourcing the cause of strange happenings, each team member of GPI takes every case seriously.
GPI is fully insured. Health & Safety is carefully reviewed for each site before an investigation is held by the team. Hazards come with the job (aging buildings, pitch black darkness, occasional human error, ie two left feet syndrome) but we take the welfare of our members very seriously. If a location is deemed high risk, GPI reserves the right to decline on that basis.
GPI has handled cases which held no threat, and the evidence obtained supported experiences shared by other members of the public. Sometimes it’s about validation and though we cannot promise results, GPI is committed to putting our best effort forward for you.
Investigation run-down

After logistics have been discussed, the team will arrive to walk through the site, identifying ‘hot spot’ locations. Once the team has established temporary GPI headquarters for the night, they begin the equipment set up process which involves technical coordination of CCTV cameras, night-vision DVRs, dictaphone assignments, trigger objects and experiments.
A cup of coffee/tea later and the team go to ‘lights off’. Teams will pair off and come together throughout the night to discuss possible experiences and/or evidence found and any changes to the investigation plan as needed.
If you remain on or near site during an investigation, GPI asks that you remain neutral and away from main investigation areas. Environmental and human factors must be at their lowest (unless Mother Nature brings a surprise – it is the UK!) so the team can carry out a more thorough review of the location.
We laugh, a lot. Expect to hear this from time to time. We’re a funny bunch and sometimes it’s a necessity to break the long silences and intensity levels.
The GPI team review possible evidence obtained from technical equipment, such as video footage, EVP via dictaphones and video, analysis of environmental factors such as EMF readings, external weather and interior temperatures plus GPI personal experiences.
An Investigation Report is formed with this information to record and outline the team’s investigative actions of the evening. As a client, GPI feels it is important to communicate with you after the investigation, to share possible evidence and make sure you feel satisfied and safe.
If no evidence is obtained, which can happen, or you found the investigation to be very proactive and you would like GPI to conduct a follow up investigation, you may communicate further with our GPI Coordinator regarding availability. If the team feels there is no need for further investigation and client/public safety is not an issue, GPI reserves the right to decline.
NOTE: If after a GPI investigation and evidence review you are still in fear, we will continue to offer our support.

Glasgow Paranormal Investigations respects the practice of clearing homes however we do not conduct them as a team. If you need this service, we are be able to provide you with a contact who would be able to help you. Your welfare and peace of mind is of utmost importance to the team. GPI utilises the services of fully experienced professionals. The GPI Customer Service Coordinator will stay involved in the process until a client is no longer requiring help.
There is no charge for our services, GPI is not for profit. The team will not turn anyone down based on fees, costs, ability to pay. This is our hobby, not our job. GPI is appreciative of clients allowing them into their spaces for the opportunity to investigate and to help in any way. It’s a give/give situation and the client always comes first.
If you require help, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Our GPI Coordinator will contact you for further information and provide answers to any questions you have about the process.