Intelligent Haunting

An intelligent haunting is also known as classic or traditional haunting and is unlike a residual haunting as the entity is aware of its surroundings and can interact with it. Researchers say that entities can communicate with the living through EVP on Dictaphones, bumps, bangs in response to questions and actually moving objects.

It is often thought that these entities are the spirits left behind of those who once lived and have not crossed over to the other side and remain in our world. A traumatic event such as a murder or even unfinished business has been thought to result in these hauntings. Researchers have proposed that spirits often linger because of the emotions that tie them to the earth, from anger to love. It may not have been that the person did not pass because they couldn’t. It may have been because they did not want to or in other cases, there is the chance that the spirit does not realize they are dead. This can occur when the death involved is sudden or unexpected.   They may also linger as they realize a person can feel, see or hear them. Spiritualist mediums have suggested that these spirits may require assistance to move on to the other side and often ask them to go towards the light.