Scottish Maritime Museum – Dumbarton

Scottish Maritime Museum – Denny Ship Tank Experiment, Dumbarton

Saturday 9th April 2016

Investigation Report


Team members: – Billy, Kim, Lisa, Isobel, Marion, Alyson, Gina,

Lauren, Mandy



Equipment:  CCTV, K2 meters, PSB-11 Spirit Box, P-SB7 Spirit Box,

Laser Grid Pen, ALICE App, Night vision camcorders.


Trigger Objects:

Kim and Lisa left a bible in the lower basement where electrical boxes are caged off and an EMF pump.  On speaking with staff, the team were advised that apparently a female apparition has been seen down there.

Whilst in this area, both team members hear music of some sort and what can only be described as bagpipes which is caught on Dictaphone.  Unless another team member is nearby with a mobile phone, a staff member has switched radio on or a car has gone past with a window down – both team members are a little puzzled since they are downstairs.



Upstairs, Managers Office:

Kim, Lisa, Alyson, Mandy, Lauren:

The team were equipped with a night vison camcorder, K2 meter, PSB-11, P-SB7 boxes and Dictaphone.   We were also using the ALICE box.  ALICE is an Instrumental Trans Communication Device.  Instrumental Trans Communication is the name that has been given by Professor Ernst Senkowski, a German physicist, for the technique of contacting spirits, using any electronic means.  ALICE is essentially a computer program set up to communicate with spirits using programs such as natural language programming (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) and a mammoth word dictionary.   ALICE will load onto a Windows PC or tablet and is launched simply from there during an investigation.   This sees her alternating scan lights flash whilst the circuitry within the computer invites external influence by spirit entities. The team leave ALICE running throughout the whole investigation and have noted down the results.  We will include a transcript at the end of the report for your perusal as these words/phrases and names may make sense to staff or family members.

During the vigil within the manager’s office, all the team heard footsteps in the corridor outside and quickly radioed downstairs to Billy’s team assuming it was them.  However, they confirmed they were sitting very still and no one had ventured upstairs.  On checking outside the room, no one was present.  Both staff members, including one of our team who was not taking part in our investigation, were still in the café.

All team members heard two loud bags which seemed to come from within the room.  Later in the vigil, Lisa also heard a loud bang behind her when standing in front of the large cabinet.  We all noticed the glass sliding doors were open to the cabinet and on asking Anne if they should be open, she said advised us they should not.  The team did not open the doors – is it possible these doors opening could be attributed to the sounds heard within the room?

The name Peter also appeared on the ALICE box within this room which could be connected to the building. We also heard the name William on the PSB-11 box.

Alyson also had her ALICE app running separately to the team’s and the words mast, rigging, port, sails, and military man came up in the manager’s office.

Mandy was standing beside the chair at the desk and whilst we were asking out for someone to be touched, she felt someone touch her shoulder.   Lisa also felt something similar later in the vigil.


Billy, Isobel, Gina, Marion

In comparison to the previous team, Billy’s team experienced nothing within this room.


Exhibition room

Kim, Lauren, Lisa, Mandy

All team members sat at the far side on the floor. Alyson set up a laser grid pen; this is to detect shadows or any visual disturbances. On asking out if there are any spirits present, the laser grid pen appears to move.  Alyson checks it for it any issues and it appears to be working fine.  The team ask out again and it appears to move slightly again and then the light dims.  Alyson advises that she changed the battery before commencing the investigation and there have been no issues with it on previous investigations.

There is a partition dividing the room and all team members heard creaking and footsteps coming from other side of this area.

Billy’s group then join with Kim’s team to complete this vigil.

All team members hear what they can only describe as a growl; Billy checks that no staff members are close by to cause the floors to creak etc. and the staff members are indeed in the café with our other team member.  However, as windows are next to us, there is of course the possibility, it could of course be an animal etc. There are no high winds which could cause a draught so the team rule this out.

Lisa then hears a voice which is captured on Dictaphone, albeit very faintly.

All the team then hear someone in the upstairs corridor walking along and expect to see someone joining them but no one appears.  Billy checks downstairs with staff and no one has come upstairs at all.  The team cannot explain this.

The team then use the PSB-11 in this area also and asked various questions about the building and the team etc.  Here is a short transcript of some of the more clear responses:

Team: “Hello”

PSB-11: “Hello”


Team: “Can you talk with us?”

PSB-11: “Yes”


Team: “What is your name?”

PSB-11: “James”


Team: “Has anyone brought a spirit energy tonight?”

PSB-11: “Lisa”


Team: “What is their name?”



Team: “Is there a heaven?”

PSB-11: “Yes.”


Team: “Is there a God?”



We then had a massive battery drain on our cameras, torches, and tablets.

The team ended the vigil there to recharge equipment.


Basement area

All team members

We then all decided to investigate this area as a previous psychic advised staff that a male energy was present and he must always be acknowledged.  We started by greeting him and introducing ourselves.  At this point, Billy was at the toilet and came into this area, telling us we should go back upstairs as he felt that the atmosphere had changed.  Just as he said this, the ALICE box said “gather” and just as we were going to leave, there was a loud bang at the back door of this room.  We asked out for a knock or if it could move something.  As though in response to our question, there was another loud bang at the back.

The ALICE app also said “drink” and “beer” at this point.  The team all hear a growling noise too, which was recorded on the Dictaphone.

As the team have run out of time, they end the investigation at this point.



Trigger objects:

No trigger objects were moved during the investigation.


EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena):

  • Whilst setting up, Kim and Lisa heard music and this is captured on Dictaphone.
  • Growl whilst in basement where a male energy has been felt.
  • Growl whilst in the exhibition room
  • Exhibition room – Lisa hears a voice which is faintly captured on




No visual anomalies captured on CCTV.



There were no highly unusual readings throughout the night.



We would like to thank Anne Hoben, Visitor Services Manager for allowing access and making us feel welcome.   The team feel there are various pieces of evidence and personal experience which would suggest paranormal activity; for example unexplainable noises/footsteps, EVP, team members being touched, laser grid pen being affected on request and some interesting results on the PSB-11.   Hopefully we will be permitted to return to this fantastic location at a later date and capture even more interesting evidence.





Two ALICE apps were running alongside one another; the following are our findings. Unfortunately, ALICE does not automatically record the words. We have to manually log everything displayed, which means we have to write everything down throughout the night.  We could only do this with our app.   The other ALICE app was our relief investigator Alyson’s – interestingly the name Peter came up on both apps.


KATHRYN                   DEAL                         PETER

LOST IN WELL            SYSTEM             DOES BEAR

RESERVATION             DOUBLE             NANA

JENNY (X2)                 TOM                  PLATE

GEORGE                     KING                 SHOP

WAS HAPPY HERE        DOLLAR             BEEN

LOST IN WELL            HALO (X2)          WE

DIG                           ALTHOUGH         TABLE

ELLIOT                      KNOT                GLOVE

JACK                         KIM                   MUMMY

HARRIET                    MAN                  DWINDLE

EONA                        CARESS             HOLD

ELSIE                        PARANORMAL     GONE

TREE                         ORDER               PER

RECEIVED                  RATE                 HELP

HALFPENNY                        OH                    ERROR

LIMPING                    RECLUSE            COLD

BEDROOM                  BISHOP             TROOP

SEPTEMBER                JUDGE               ANGUISH

COLOUR                     NUMB                PICKED

GLASS                       HAVE                 FULL

SUITE                        CHOKE               MITE

DON’T WANT YOU        MIDDLE             DIRT

MEND                                MONUMNT          LOWER

TERMS                       PLATE                LATE

DANIEL                      SHE                   TEN

WANT                        SLIGHT              TELL

SINGLE                      CONTRACT         CATHY

HULL                         TRIANGLE          TEA

HAIL                          CAUSE               PLAIN

SWEETS                     BRAVE               CONSUMPTION

HUNDREADS               BEING               TICKLE

ITSELF                       SEEDS               COMPETE

HARRIET                    REVEREND          FACE

DWINDLE                   WHAT                UNIT

FROM                                SOLSTICE          CITY

BRIDE                        WINDS              DOCTOR

PROGRAMME              POUND              HUNG

FLY                           IRON                 SUBJECT

EMPATH                     BIKE                  WALL

QUITE                       STEEL                THE

ARRIVED                    TICK                  NERVE

CARRY                       TIM                   ENJOY

DESCEND                   LAGOON            OPEN ROSES




NAP                           PRESS               AHEAD               FLOW

NOUN                        SPRING              BANK                 THING

SHILLING                   SIR                   MOVEMENT        RAISE

MAZE                        QUESTIONS        FINE                  INSIDE

PUCK                         AHEAD               ACTUALLY          MELODY

GOVERNESS               SEA                   SHARP               BEDROOM

DASH                        REASON             INTEREST           SON

LAY                           SUPPER             RUST                 ANY

NOISE                       DAM                  BOARD              ROW

ARMS                                PENDANT           LOT                   KING

WINGS                      UNCLE               USUALLY            CRIME

CORRECT                   WELL                 ANIMAL             MURPHY

LINE                          HIM                   MELODY             DISCOVERED

TELL                          FARMERS           CONTROL           SYMBOLS

NOR                          PM                    CLASS               CRIED

AU                            CONSOLE           ARE                   EFFECT

STAR                         CHRIS               WED                  SLIGHT

BREAKER                    THUS                 EIGHT                SLIGHT

SHEPPARD                  VIDEO               BLUE                 DID

TERMS                       NOT                  CALL OUT           WINTER

CALMER                     ROSALINE          PAW                  WAIT

FRAME                       GROUND            STIGMATA          COUGH

WAS                          BEDROOM







COUNT              AH                    CLAIRVOYANT     BEGIN

FORK                 BREAK               SHOULD             DRUNK

CARDS               WIRE                 OPPOSITE          FREEDOM

CRASH               RAID                 SHINING            HOT

CAGE                 LISTEN              HEART               BOOTS