Stone Tape Theory

hThis is a paranormal hypothesis that has been suggested to explain the existence of ghosts, popularised during the 1970s. It seems to be derived from 1972 BBC dramatisation of Kneale’s play ‘The Stone Tape’.

Essentially, the theory proposes that inanimate objects can absorb energy from human beings, during times of tragic or high emotional stress such as a death, murder or even simple aspects of a person’s life. This stored energy can be released at any moment and results in a display of the occurred activity. This hypothesis suggests that ghosts are not spirits at all but non-interactive recordings like a film. Researchers state this replay can be triggered by someone with the correct attributes such as psychic ability, stress levels or even brain waves and set this recording off. This can take the form of a full manifestation or even noises such as footsteps, voices and can be repetitive.  Residual hauntings such a lady in white always seen walking in the grounds of a house, or an apparition appearing on the anniversary of a death have been attributed to this theory.