The Argyll Hotel – Haunted Event

This event gives you the chance to investigate with the GPI and also enjoy a Murder Mystery weekend too.   The Argyll Hotel was built in 1837 and is one of the oldest landmark buildings in Argyll.   The building has an infamous reputation for being haunted and the famous tower room which was known for its hangings, is also the place where many lovers have leaped to their deaths.   The underground lairs of the hotel houses many secrets and ghastly activities from its dark past.  Is it now host to an unknown entity creating sightings, sounds and disappearances? The management will only send two persons into the lairs which now are the hotel cellars making sure that no-one is ever alone.

Whilst you enjoy dinner, the actors will entertain you and set a plot.  After dinner, join the GPI in a demonstration of what the night will involve; viewing previous evidence from videos and audio clips,  a talk from the team’s sensitive and a demonstration of our equipment.  The bravest guests will then venture down to the hotel’s cellar and experience a mini investigation.  The GPI will then end the evening with a question and answer session.  The following day, the GPI will have a brief reveal of any evidence captured and will then leave you in the capable hands of the actors to conclude the Murder Mystery weekend. A sensitive will also be offering personal readings on the Saturday and due to high demand, we would advise booking early to secure a place.


If you feel this is the weekend for you, please visit the Argyll Hotel’s website for booking information  Click Here

or telephone 01369 702 059.

 The GPI do not determine rates or deal with bookings etc.