Step one in requesting a GPI investigation? Make Contact –

A client or an agent for the client, meaning friend or family member, contacts the group through the GPI website, email, or phone.

The next step is communication with the client, in which a description of the occurrences or events that have led up to the initial contact is journaled. The idea is to answer the initial ‘who, what, when, where, and why?’ questions. If the group member conducting the phone interview deems further study appropriate, an onsite investigation is scheduled.


The way a GPI investigation is conducted depends on the location

GPI equip1We occasionally use a sensitive/medium to determine if there is something paranormal happening in the location or to determine the best place to set up equipment. Whether a sensitive person is used or not, the walk around with the owner is paramount. This is a chance to learn the historical facts in the case and try to rule out natural, obvious environmental or human explanations for the occurrences. GPI aims to ask the harder questions in order to rule out factors ranging from plumbing and construction issues to the use of mind-altering drugs or hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields.
The number of GPI investigators used at a location reflects the size of the location, and the amount of data needed for the specific case. The equipment utilised in an investigation includes digital voice recorders, infrared cameras for recording video in the dark, still cameras, K2 meters, EMF detectors, thermometers, infrared sensors , CCTV, laptops and specialist analyzing software . These items are used to document events and back up personal experiences, which may occur during an investigation.



After the investigation, team members review ALL data

Notice the use of the term ‘data’ and not ‘evidence’. The digital voice recordings, video, and still photos, as well as any other GPI equip3documentation retrieved, are reviewed in the hope of finding evidence. If a team member finds anomalous data, then it is sent to the rest of the group for peer review. If the data stands up to review, it can be considered evidence.
Upon finishing the data review, a summary of the investigation will be written and posted on to the GPI website (unless it is a private investigation, in this case no information will be disclosed regarding the investigation), including any information we feel necessary and any evidence found. The report is offered to the client, along with any video or audio evidence.