GPI Events

You will notice a list of various events on our website, to see these you just need to click onto the websites “INVESTIGATION” tab at top right and you will have the option “Events” below it. Or to make it easier “click here”.

CHARITY EVENTS – GPI run many charity events and these are mostly carried out with our good friends Fellowship of the Thistle, who work tirelessly in raising funds for numerous charities.  We will invite members of the public along to join us at a fee, this covers location cost and the balance goes to a named charity.  At the location we will carry out a paranormal investigation at a supposed haunted location and anyone attending the event is welcome to use our equipment, GPI will even give you a quick demonstration if you are unsure how the equipment works. Details of these investigations will be on our events page.


MURDER MYSTERY WEEKENDS WITH GPI – For a few years now we have been assisting Argyll Hotel in adding something a bit different to their Murder Mystery Weekend.

Whilst you enjoy dinner, the actors from the amazing Walking Theatre Company will entertain you and set a plot.  Then after dinner, join the GPI in a demonstration of what the night will involve; viewing previous evidence from videos and audio clips,  a talk from the well renowned guest psychic Carol Stirling  and a demonstration of our equipment.  The bravest guests will then venture down to the hotel’s cellar and experience a mini investigation.  The GPI will then end the evening with a question/answer session and then leave you in the capable hands of the actors to conclude the Murder Mystery weekend. If that is still not enough for you, then you can also book Carol Stirling for a private reading.

Details of the murder mystery weekends at Argyll Hotel that include the GPI team are on our events page or if you want to see a full list of the Murdery Mystery Weekend on the Argyll Hotel website, with and without GPI then “click here”. ***Please remember all bookings for these events need to be done through Argyll Hotel***.


GPI TEAM INVESTIGATIONS – GPI team investigations will only have GPI members present, no guests will be permitted unless authorised by location owner.  They will be on our events page unless the locations is too remain private. The team find these types of investigations very important, as it allows for a more controlled environment in gathering evidence for research purposes and with less people present activity is known to increase.


Any evidence we gather (if permitted) from these locations we will share with yourselves on our website on our Evidence page.

The team hope to see you at one of our Investigation Events.


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