Leith FM



INVESTIGATION TEAM: Lisa, Janice, James, Billy, Carly, Scott, Julia, Vhari


While setting up equipment for the night, investigators, James and Billy, encounter significant EMF readings in the base room next to the door.  On checking with the owner, he confirms there is a huge refrigerator behind door.  Investigators, Lisa and Janice, also captures orbs on a digital camera, located around James and Billy at this point.

During our protection, James felt that there was something running in and out of our circle, trying to distract him and his senses.  Ever the sceptic, this obviously has unnerved James and he feels very warm and nauseous, and appears to be very red and shaky.   Julia, Vhari and Carly advise James to tell this ‘person’ to leave him alone and to be on guard tonight.

On our initial walk around in lounge/bar area, Vhari picks up an unpleasant smell, possibly of urine/unwashed odour. She also feels that there is energy shooting up through the floor, possibly from basement area.  EMF meters go off rapidly at this point.  She is then overcome by the presence of a spirit man who misses his family.  She tries to explain to the man that his family are now on other side and that he must go to them.  However, she feels he does not understand this. Vhari feels he was a naval man and was alive during the mid 1800s.  James asks the spirit man to slow the EMF meter down.  All the group are shocked when this appears to happen. The team then ask him to speed it up again and he does so. The team are amazed by this and thank ‘him’.

We then set up trigger object with motion detectors.  We then venture down to basement area; Julia and Vhari feel this is where the energy is coming from and that there is a lot of activity here.  EMF meter once again speeds up and group feel this is a good are to investigate later.


Julia and Vhairi pick up on a man in one of the cubicles and feel he has a very strong energy. Vhari describes the energy as shooting up through the building and all team members feel the toilets are very cold, and on checking temperature, it has decreased a couple of degrees, but nothing significant.

On leaving the toilets and entering the corridor next to the stairwell, Julia and Vhairi feel there is an elevation of energy and find it slightly oppressive.  Vhairi feels there are many souls trapped here and that there is a possibility that people were brought here to die – possibly during times of plague. Vhairi begins to feel very closed in and uncomfortable here.  James also feels sick and that he has seen black and white flashes. Vhairi and Julia advise James not to do a lone vigil in the basement as these spirits are simply not ready for this type of contact and still see the place as it was in their time.  James leaves a dictaphone running and Julia advises that the group should leave love and light with these energies whilst retrieving the dictaphone later.

James and Lisa decide to go back down for further investigation and to retrieve the dictaphone. On entering the toilets, James asks out for any activity.  No activity was encountered however group members note that it feels warmer and not as unpleasant. With no apparent activity, the group wishes the spirits love and light, and go upstairs.

Julia and Vhari advise the team that they sensed a shift in the atmosphere and the spirits appreciated our final farewell wish of love and light.  At this point, all group members’ attention is drawn to the end of bar and feel there is distinct movement.

FUNCTION SUITE  – 11.20pm: James, Lisa, Julie, Vhari

With the amazing readings of the EMF meter earlier, the group venture into the function suite, armed once more with the EMF.  Vhairi picks up the spirits of two little girls, running around.  She feels they are playing games with the team and we ask the girls to affect the EMF meter.  The EMF meter picks up more readings and we decided to move around the room with the EMF, asking the little girls to keep affecting it.  Julia picks up the spirit of an unpleasant man, who seemingly pushes her down into the seat.  The entire group pick up the unpleasant smell as earlier.  Julia advises the spirit he must move on but he is unwilling, possibly due to wrong doing in his life and promptly tells her to ‘f*** off’.   James moves to where the spirit man is apparently standing and still has the same anxious, sick feeling.

The group leave the function suite and enter the corridor where the EMF meter registers another strong reading.  James tries to isolate the source of this reading but can find no obvious source.  Vhari once again encounters spirits of the little girls and asks James to bring the EMF meter down to where the spirit girls are standing. The EMF once again registers. Julia also picks up the energy of horses and Vhari feels her shoulder become cold.  Julia advises this is the spirit of a little monkey that was formerly a pet.  Unpleasant smell encountered once again and Julia senses the spirit of the nasty man in the function suite.  James ventures back into function suite and stands in the corner where Julia encountered this spirit, asking it to push him over.  James senses the presence of the person he picked up on during group protection and feels the man is warning him off doing this as he is quite capable of doing more than pushing him.

Leith FM Studio – 12.30am: Carly, Lisa, Janice, Julia, James and Billy

Carly takes group into the main studio and Julia instantly picks up presence of a naval officer, who she suspects is seen standing next to door.  Carly confirms this and the group ask the man for activity and to let his presence be felt.  Billy asks if the name ‘Alex’ is significant.  With no activity, the team then head out to an additional small office area.  Carly picks up on the name of a girl, called Trudie, connected to the room.  Julia feels that someone has fallen over the stairwell and Carly also confirms this. Julia senses a male voice stating, “It was the stupid bitch’s own fault”.  She feels it is the unpleasant man we encountered earlier downstairs.

Later on standing at the stairwell, Lisa feels very uneasy and James’s EMF meter registers a short burst of energy and his radio experiences interference at the same time.

During the vigil, Billy, James and Lisa hear banging from downstairs, like a door. The downstairs doors are all locked up for night. The team cannot investigate this further.

The group  venture downstairs to the offices below and perform two more vigils but with no apparent activity.  However, on listening back to the dictaphone, the team feel they may have captured more EVPs in response to questions asked; tapping, voices and possibly a man laughing.

Investigation concluded at 2.30am.