Scottish Maritime Museum – Irvine

Scottish Maritime Museum – Irvine 

Saturday 14th November 2015

Investigation Report 



Scottish Maritime Museum - Irvine

The Scottish Maritime Museum holds an important nationally recognised and varied collection of historic ships, artefacts, shipbuilding machinery, machine tools, several small vessels, canoes, lifeboats and other fascinating personal items.  The Linthouse Building in Irvine, a unique Grade A listed, 19th—century historic building known as the Linthouse Engine Shop ‘Cathedral of Engineering.


Team Members : Billy, Lisa, Kim, Alyson, Erin, Heather, Tricia, Paula and Gerry


Equipment :  EMF Meters – K2/Digital EMF/Mel Meter, Digital thermometers, Digital Still Cameras, Digital Sound Recorders, Digital Camcorders with Night Vision, Sony Camcroder I.R Lights, P-SB7 Spirit Boxes, P-SB11 Spirit Boxes, CCTV and DVR with Monitor, Motion Detectors, Radios, Laptops, Tablets with Alice App.


Trigger Objects:

A ball had been left outside the gallery area due to a possibility of a boy energy in this vicinity, with the hope that interaction may occur and the ball may be moved.  An EMF pump that supposedly increases the amount of energy in an area in which it is placed is put in the hull of the boat display area, in the aim that if a spirit energy is around it may use the energy allowing it to interact with ourselves in some way and lastly a small doll is placed on a bed within the old tenement building outwith the maritime museum in the hope that interaction may occur if a child energy is present.



Hull Of Boat Display Area:

Team – Billy, Alyson, Paula and Gerry 

The team were equipped with a night vison camcorder, EMF meters, PSB-11, boxes and Dictaphone.  A question and answer session was carried out and recorded via camcorder and also dictaphones for any verbal or noise reponse that may not be heard by the human ear and cannot be contributed to any natural occurrence, more commonly known as EVP’s.  PSB-11 spirit boxes were also both used during this vigil but no voices or voice response occurred and no EVP’s captured on any of the recording equipment.  No evidence was found either on the night vision camcorder.


Team – Kim, Erin, Heather and Tricia

The team were equipped with the same equipment as the previous team in this area however this time voice responses were being received from the PSB-11 but no further EVPs on Dictaphones or Night Vision Camcorder. The batteries for the PSB11 were drained and had to be replaced as soon as we began the vigil even though they were brand new.

These voice responses from PSB-11 are as follows and all a male voice:-

Team Member – “What is your name”?   PSB-11 – “Archie”.

Team Member  -“Do you have a message for us”?  PSB-11 – “Yes”.

Team Member  – “Is there a little boy about”?  PSB-11 – “Son”.

Team Member – “How many of you are there”?  PSB-11 – “Six”.

Team Member – “Are you still there”?  PSB-11 – “Yes”.

Team Member – “Do you want us to leave”?  PSB-11 – “Soon”.


Also the following voices but not in response to a question:-

The name Stuart Thomas was said.

“Hello” very loud and clear

“More” from a different male voice

Heather also reported seeing an orb at team member Tricia, which was moving in a zig zag direction. Unfortunately no other team member witnessed this and nothing was caught on camera.



Old Tenement Building

Team – Billy and Alyson

The team were equipped with the same equipment as previous vigils.  Once again some responses were caught on the PSB11 such as when asked “Did you work in the office side of shipyard”? A response of “Yes” was given and another voice can be heard speaking but unfortunately it is to hard to make out what it is being said. With regards to EVPs caught on the dictaphones and video cameras no verbal voices can be heard but loud banging can be heard clearly but  both Alyson and Billy do not show any response of hearing it in the video footage, no other visual evidence is captured in this location.


Team – Kim, Erin, Heather and Tricia

The team were equipped with the same equipment as previous vigils but also with the addition of running the Alice App on a tablet.  ALICE is an Instrumental Trans Communication Device.  Instrumental Trans Communication is the name that has been given by Professor Ernst Senkowski, a German physicist, for the technique of contacting spirits, using any electronic means.  ALICE is essentially a computer program set up to communicate with spirits using programs such as natural language programming (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) and a mammoth word dictionary. The team are still dubious regarding the app, as we found many of the words made no sense from many previous investigations but certain information gathered from it was interesting, in one particular incident when in the grandparents room of the tenement when a team member asked “Why are you being so quiet?” the response from the app was “He holds me down”. It was the first time we ever had a full sentence being said and not just the normal one word response.  Interestingly also in this room the word teacher came up and a link with the previous occupier as being a teacher was confirmed

Names that also came up on the ALICE app were, Peter, Edna and Jenna.

While sitting around the table in the kitchen area of the tenement a torch that had been placed upright on the table suddenly fell.  It was first thought it simple just fell over due to the table being knocked by a team member but on reviewing the footage nobody is seen knocking the table and numerous attempts were made by the team to try and knock the torch over for reconstruction purposes but to no avail it remained sitting firmly on the table. With regards to EVP recordings from dictaphones and video cameras, the only EVP captured was a small voice that is very faint and indecipherable when Kim speaks at one point.  Also on visual evidence when Kim is pointing the camera at the books within the kitchen while asking an energy to move a book, a orb is seen moving in front of them.  However orbs are also known to be just pieces of dust or even insects so we are unable to confirm if this is of paranormal origin.



Team – Billy and Alyson

The team were equipped with the same equipment as previous vigils but found no auditory responses from the PSB-11 spirit box or dictaphones and also nothing found on the video recorder. No personal experiences were noted either.


Team – Kim, Erin, Heather and Tricia  

Once again the same equipment was used as previous vigils including ALICE app.  From the PSB11 the name KIM was said, which was one of the team members.  It was also noted by the team that a chair had been slightly moved in the library from the position it had been in from the previous walk through.  So the question “Did you move the chair ?” was asked and a voice from the PSB11 said “Yes”.

Other PSB-11 responses are as follows –

Team Member – “Do you want us to leave?”.  PSB-11 – “Yes”.

Team Member – “What is your name?”.  PSB-11 – “John”.

No further EVP evidence was found from the dictaphones or video recorders and no visual evidence in this area.



Trigger objects:

No trigger objects were moved during the investigation.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena):

  • Apart from the faint voice and loud bang heard in the old tenement building no other EVP recordings were found from the dictaphones or video recorder, this may however be due to us using the PSB-11 in all other areas which is very loud and would prevent any recordings that may occur outwith the responses from the PSB-11.


No visual anomalies captured on CCTV.


There were no highly unusual readings throughout the night.


We would like to thank Stuart Rich, Visitor Services Manager of the Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine and staff  for allowing us access and making us feel so welcome and also giving up your time to show us around and talk to us about the history of the various exhibits, which was so fascinating. 

The team feel there are various pieces of evidence which could suggest paranormal activity; for example the torch falling incident and some very interesting results on the PSB-11.   Hopefully we will be permitted to return to this fantastic location at a later date and possibly capture even more interesting evidence.

Once again a thank you from the GPI Team.