Secret Bunker

Report Two

Investigation Report – 22nd May – 2010

Team  – Anna, Billy, James, Kim, Lisa & Michelle


On a previous investigation, the team encountered various interesting examples of EVP, as well as witnessing strange shapes and figures outside on the grounds of the bunker.   Our sensitive, GPI team  member  Lorraine connected with energies present in the bunker that also wished to communicate through her.   On GPI’s previous visit due to the high quality of EVP and visual anomalies captured, we all strongly felt a further investigation was warranted.  Please refer to our previous report from 2008 for further details of our findings.


The team arrive at the bunker and are greeted by assistant manager Stevie Mackie and are shown into the bunker down the long tunnel which leads to 24,000 square feet of secret accommodation. The size of two football pitches, one on top of another, on two levels 100 feet underground.   This is where Scotland, would have been Governed, from within if Britain faced a Nuclear war.

The team quickly set up a base within the tea room and James and Billy got to work setting up laptops and the CCTV.   Kim, Anna and Lisa are accompanied by Stevie around the bunker to jog their memory and set up trigger objects.  From this, the girls remember that they experienced some EVP and also the sound of furniture being moved in one of the rooms and also movement in the next room from the comcern room.  This small office space is located next to the Government headquarters room.  It is decided this would be a great place to put the CCTV and also leave a Dictaphone running.    They then venture into another room which exhibits a German bike complete with a mannequin in full Nazi uniform.  On entering this room, there appears to be a problem with the lights and Stevie advises that this normally does not happen.  Stevie advises this is a room he is not keen on going into and Lisa and Kim remember they experienced some unexplained hissing noises during a vigil on their previous visit.   Kim decides to set up a trigger object which consists of a picture of a German Helmet.  They then head up to the chapel and place a bible on the pulpit at the front of the chapel and also open some of the Bibles there at certain pages and take note of the page numbers to see if any of these pages will be affected.  They then leave hymn music playing to see if this creates any activity.  On a previous visit Lorraine encountered a young man in this area who was trying to communicate through her.  Kim and Michelle also set up a tent in the theatre room as a sensory deprivation experiment; they wish to see if being inside the tent sharpens their other senses and increases any unusual experiences.

The team then regroups at base for a quick chat about the vigils and also to refuel their caffeine levels.



Lisa and Kim ventured downstairs to these rooms as, Mhari, the former assistant manager was reportedly pushed and team members also reported hearing movement outside the room.    Also, a locked off camera and Dictaphone had revealed banging as though furniture was being moved with no one present at the time of recording.  Team members at various points during investigations have also felt extremely uncomfortable within this room.

Lisa and Kim sit on the floor at the opposite side to where the CCTV was set up and ask out for activity and leave the K2 meter in the middle of the room and ask for any spirit present to affect the meter in some way.  During the vigil there appears to be no affect on the meter and no other activity and so the girls decide to move on to the adjacent Government Headquarters room.

They hold a vigil in this room for approximately 30 minutes and once again place the K2 meter in the middle of the floor and ask out for this to be affected, requesting any sprits present to walk towards it.  The K2 meter did not spike or give any unusual readings during the course of this vigil.  Lisa then begins to talk about the Cold War and asks if they realize the War is over etc.  She  then goes on to ask about their family etc.   It is at this point that both team members feel a definite drop in temperature, however the other team members have their temperature gauges and we could not confirm the temperature drop.   Lisa complains of a bad headache especially at the front of her head and feels her right side especially at her legs very cold.  Kim at this point strongly feels that someone is sitting next to Lisa and is affecting her.  Lisa then asks for whoever it is to step back and stop affecting her in this way and show their presence through their equipment, in particular the K2 meter.  The K2 meter still does not pick up any readings.  Lisa then feels a pain in her chest and strangely at the same point Lisa complains of this, Kim also feels the same.  Both girls feel this way for approximately 5 minutes and request for this to stop – both begin to feel much better.   Both Kim and Lisa were feeling well all evening and were fine after this vigil.  Kim and Lisa also report hearing various small taps and bangs, and also see some small bright lights and shadows in the far sides of the Government room.


Kim also places a Dictaphone in the middle of the tent beside the team and Lisa places a night vision camcorder outside of the tent, which will be filming the tent and surrounding areas of the room to catch any visual anomalies.  All team members sit inside the tent and ask out for activity.  At this point they hear a 2 loud bangs but this seems distant and out with this room.   Stevie advises the team that this sounds as though someone is banging on air conditioning pipes.  Kim radios the rest of the team to check their location and check if they have been moving around creating this noise but the team are in base and have not been banging on any air conditioning pipes whatsoever.   The team agrees to rule this out as anything paranormal as noise does seem to travel in the bunker and the team can also hear other GPI members talking in the tea room at base and request them to lower their voices in order to carry out this vigil.

No other activity occurs within this room and on checking through footage from the night vision camcorder, there are no light anomalies etc.  There appears to be no significant audio from the Dictaphone either.


The team hold a vigil here equipped with a K2 meter and James reports that on approach, the meter begins to spike then stops suddenly.  Billy ascends stairs followed by Anna, but no further activity is encountered.



They venture into this room to carry out an experiment; due to this area being the hub of operations when the bunker was in use during the Cold War, Lisa plays a speech from Winston Churchill which has become known as the Iron Curtain Speech.  It was Churchill’s speech, which he titled “The Sinews of Peace,” that changed the way the democratic West viewed the Communist East.  The team hope this speech may encourage some activity.  They also play the USSR (The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) national anthem.  The team also hope this will create a reaction for any spirits of former workers at the bunker, who were obviously working for the allies during this era.

An air raid siren is also played.  There appears to be no activity during this vigil, however James thought he saw a small light or shadow in corner of room.


The team moves to this room where in a previous investigation they captured a chilling EVP which appeared to be saying “I want you to go home” or “I want to go home”. James sets up a night vision camcorder and leaves a Dictaphone running for an EVP session.  James and Kim both feel a cold breeze travel across them and ask for someone to speak into the Dictaphone if any spirits are affecting the temperature.  Lisa also reports hearing movement behind her next to where a bicycle and bunk bed are placed.

James and Lisa decide to try to raise their voices to antagonize a reaction but with very little activity, the team draws their investigation to a close at 4.30 am.


On further review of audio from Dictaphone, the team found the following results;

  • On walking in corridor: Kim and Lisa – there is a loud breath/voice
  • Comcern Room with CCTV: Kim and Lisa – A couple of moans heard
  • Government Headquarters: Kim and Lisa
    Voices and also strange unidentified noise captured
  • Tent – Michelle, Lisa, Kim, Steven:
    Knocking responses to questions
    A loud noise as though something had been dropped
  • During Morse code experiment in tent with Steven’s I-Phone:
    Voice response to question “do you recognise Steven” – however we cannot confirm what it is saying.  Also another voice response to question
  • Chapel : Steven, Kim and Lisa
    Knock response regarding question “do you want us to stay?” This can also be faintly heard on camcorder also.
  • OPS Room: James, Michelle, Steven, Lisa and Kim
    Whistle and a voice, once again cannot confirm what it is saying.
  • German Room: Kim, James, Lisa and Steven
  • First Room next to blast doors at end of tunnel with bike and bunk – James, Lisa and Kim: Voices but cannot confirm what they are saying, loud audible breath
    Voice appears to be saying “Kim scary Kim”.
    Cold breeze felt by James/Kim.
  • On way to do base readings and to set up tent – Faint voices other than team present can be heard.
  • Chapel – whilst placing Bible on pulpit and Dictaphone on seat at this point a loud “aaahhh” can be heard.
  • Steven, Anna, Michelle and Tracie in dormitory; voices heard once again and a response to question, unidentifiable noise, a sigh, faint voice and strange clicking sound are also all captured on Dictaphone.

The team feel there seems to paranormal activity within this location, backed up by the auditory phenomenon and also the results of previous investigations.  The team would love to return and carry out another investigation.

The GPI would like to thank Stevie, Tracie and James the owner for allowing access to bunker and making them feel so welcome.

For more information on Scotland’s Secret Bunker,click here to visit site.



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