Singapore Theory

This is a very obscure theory and there does not appear to be much research into this or even where this theory originated from. However, this theory is often referred to as Theory of Familiarization or simply, Paranormal Stimuli.

 It suggests that placing objects such as furniture, clothing, toys etc are placed into a location that formerly had these objects, will somehow evoke a reaction and spirits within this location will interact more as they are familiar with these objects.   This could be due to spirits having an emotional or sentimental attachment to these objects.    The GPI have used this theory and have had varying results.  During our investigation at RAF Montrose, we applied this theory and played music from the 1940s, relevant to the airfields time when it was operational.  CCTV footage revealed various orbs in the 1940s room.  However, during our second investigation, this theory yielded no results.